Terror suspect alleges torture

The missing terror suspect Mohammed Ahmed Mohammed, is seeking damages from the Government in a human rights legal challenge involving allegations of torture, it was revealed at the High Court today.

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Anonymity lifted in court

Mohammed Ahmed Mohamed's claim is against the Foreign Office, Home Office, Ministry of Defence and the Attorney General.

He and another man, referred to as "CF", allege the British authorities consented to - or acquiesced in - their detention by the Somaliland authorities on January 14 2011.

The men say British "officers and agents... by their acts and omissions, procured, induced, encouraged or directly caused, or were otherwise complicit in" their detention, assault and mistreatment and torture while they were in Somaliland.

Mohamed launched his damages claim under a cloak of anonymity and was referred to in court papers as "MA".

But anonymity was lifted today following his disappearance.

Terror suspect seeking damages

Burka terror suspect Mohammed Ahmed Mohamed is seeking damages from the Government in a human rights legal challenge involving allegations of torture, it was revealed at the High Court today.

Mohamed, who was the subject of a Terrorism Prevention and Investigation Measure (Tpim), managed to dodge surveillance and disappear by disguising himself as a woman.

The 27-year-old was last seen fleeing a London mosque in the burka on Friday.

He is understood to have received training and fought overseas for al-Shabaab, the Somalia-based cell of the militant Islamist group al Qaida.

The Met Police's counter terrorism command, MI5 and the UK's Border Force are looking for him.


Acton mosque hits back after the Mayor claims the burka terror suspect had help

The founder of the mosque where the missing terror suspect Mohammed Ahmed Mohammed escaped, has told ITV News that Boris Johnson is wrong to suggest he had an accomplice.

Speaking on LBC radio, London's Mayor said he believed Mohammed wasn't acting alone when he escaped disguised in a burkha.

When asked about the comments, Khalid Rashad told us the Mayor needed to check his facts. Our Political Correspondent Simon Harris spoke to him.

Watered down rules led to 'absurd' escape of suspect

Boris Johnson has described the escape of a terror suspect in West London as "absurd". London's Mayor blamed coalition politics for watering down the control order system.

Plainly they are not working in the way we would like them to work in the sense that this guy Mohamed was able to flee in absurd circumstances and there must be questions about whether we should be tougher in the way we administer these things.

If a fellow can get into a burka and evade his invigilators in the way that Mr Mohamed has done, then we clearly need to look at how it is working.

– Boris Johnson, speaking to LBC 97.3


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Terror suspect bought five sim cards in last two weeks

Shopkeeper Sunny Kapoor has told ITV News missing terror suspect Mohammed Ahmed Mohamed bought five mobile sim cards from him in two weeks.

Acton shopkeeper Sunny Kapoor speaks to ITV News. Credit: ITV News

He said: "When you showed me the photo I recognised the person because last week he came to me and buy [sic] a couple of mobile simcards…

"...First he came one day and buy from me two sim cards and second time he came for two and third time he came for another mobile sim card. Five sim cards from me. Recently, in the last couple of weeks."

No direct threat to public, says Home Secretary

Police believe the man does not pose a direct threat, the Home Secretary Theresa May said this afternoon Credit: David Cheskin/PA Wire

Home Secretary Theresa May has insisted a terror suspect who escaped surveillance by disguising himself in a burka does not pose "a direct threat to the public in the UK", despite mounting concern over his disappearance.

27 year old Mohammed Ahmed Mohamed entered a west London mosque on Friday in Western-style clothes but CCTV images showed him leaving with his face and body fully covered by a burka - the traditional Islamic garment for women.

He is the second person to breach a Terrorism Prevention and Investigation Measures (Tpim) notice since they were introduced to replace control orders in early 2012.

Mrs May told MPs: "The police and Security Service have confirmed that they do not believe that this man poses a direct threat to the public in the UK. The reason he was put on a Tpim in the first place was to prevent his travel to support terrorism overseas."

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