North London wallaby dies

A wallaby that roamed around North London before being caught has died after an operation on his foot.

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North London roaming wallaby dies after operation on foot

Jean after he was caught. Credit: Caro Shrives

A wallaby that was spotted roaming around North London, before he was caught last week, has died after an operation.

Jean, who was captured in Dartmouth Park, was taken to a RSPCA animal centre in Heathrow where he underwent an operation to treat his broken foot.

He unfortunately could not be revived from the anaesthesia.

The animal charity said: "Surgery always comes with risks, especially for wallabies, but it was necessary in this instance.

"Despite this, we are of course saddened that the wallaby did not survive."

Neighbours managed to keep Jean safe before he was caught by the RSPCA. Credit: Caro Shrives
The stray wallaby named Jean. Credit: Caro Shrives


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