Top 10 peaceful roads in London

A new survey has revealed the 10 places in the capital where people get the best night's sleep!

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Top 10 peaceful places in London

The following roads were found to enjoy the least disruption from aeroplanes and traffic in the capital.

  • Barnsbury Square (N1) - Islington
  • Burton Mews (SW1) - Kensington and Chelsea
  • Fossil Road (SE13) - Lewisham
  • Gilstead Road (SW6) - Hammersmith and Fulham
  • Greenaway Gardens (NW3) - Camden
  • Hamilton Gardens (NW8) - Westminster
  • Johnson Close (E8) - Hackney
  • Peckham Grove (SE1) - Southwark
  • Sabine Road (SW11) - Wandsworth
  • St Margaret's Crescent (SW15) - Putney

The survey was carried out by 24 Acoustics, a noise control consultancy and was commissioned by the London Bed Company at Selfridges.


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