Avoid the Northern Line

TfL are asking commuters not to use the Northern Line during rush hour mornings between Tooting Bec and Clapham North - because the service is too busy to cope

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Commuters told 'avoid the Northern Line'

Commuters in south London say they're furious with TfL after being asked to avoid part of the Northern Line during rush hour, because it's too busy.

In a pilot project, Transport for London is offering advice on alternative routes, or suggesting that people walk or cycle to avoid the busy stretch between Tooting Bec and Clapham North while improvement works are carried out. Our Political Correspondent Simon Harris reports.

Your thoughts on the Northern Line proposals

ITV London has been at Clapham South station to see what you thought about TfL asking people to walk or use a different station to avoid overcrowding.

The reaction has been mixed, with some saying it's unfair on people who can't change their journeys while others are happy to try anything that might lessen the crowds.

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TfL director: avoiding Northern Line is 'faster and more comfortable'

"During the 2012 Games many of our passengers made small changes to their journeys which meant we were able to carry record numbers without the transport network feeling any busier.

"This section of the Northern Line is exceptionally busy during part of the morning and while the modernisation of the line will help to relieve crowding when complete next year this trial will look at whether we can improve the situation now.

"By making a small change to the time they travel our passengers' journeys could be faster and more comfortable."

– Gareth Powell - TfL director of strategy and service development

Northern Line problems 'frustrating for commuters'

A spokesman from the website Commuting Expert said that while he understood that overcrowding is a real problem and it takes time to build up capacity, it's still a frustrating issue for commuters:

"Transportcosts are going up and up while salaries stay flat - so it is frustrating whenthe service you're paying for isn't the service you're being recommended touse,"

– Commuting Expert spokesman

TfL spokesman: passengers should walk instead

A TfL spokesman claims it's easy enough for passengers to rethink their journeys to avoid the Northern Line during rush hour:

"For example, if you get the Tube at Clapham North to Stockwell just to transfer to the Victoria Line maybe you could instead walk as it would only take 10 minutes.

"Or could you start your journey 10 minutes earlier to avoid the crowds?"

– Transport for London spokesman

TfL: Avoid the Northern Line - it's too busy

Rush hour commuters are being asked not to get on the Northern Line between Tooting Bec and Clapham North - because TfL say it's just too busy.

Rush hour commuters squeeze into a crowded tube

The pilot project, which starts on Monday, will see TfL offering advice on alternative routes and asking commuters to walk or cycle instead of boarding trains on the line between 0800 and 0845 on weekday mornings.

The scheme follows similar tactics adopted during the Olympics to reduce overcrowding.


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