Underground to run overnight

London Underground is to cut 750 jobs under plans which include a new 24-hour Tube service at weekends and changes to station staffing.

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Your views: RMT 'will never be happy' over Tube change

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Peter Field: Some good ideas, some bad ideas & of course Bob Crow's no idea.

It's great that the tube will run 24/7, it's one of the things I think holds London back from being a great city. It's a bad idea that they will close every ticket office (unless tubes will be free!!). There are so many situations that you might need ticket assistance.

Every station should have staff there even if it is just for safety's sake. RMT will never be happy. I believe in unions but the RMT is not a true union. The staff are so over paid its unbelievable. +£50k to drive a train!!! It's go & stop. It's not like you can get lost.

Your views: Unions may hold London to ransom

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Melica Patmore They'd have to ensure that the ticket machines worked ALL the time!! They won't make these changes as the Union is the strongest in the country and will simply strike and hold everyone to ransom! The tube drivers get paid a fortune even though their job is not strictly necessary.

Your views: 'Awesome news' about all night tubes

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Overnight Tubes on five lines at weekends from 2015

The Federation of Small Businesses said a 24-hour Tube service was essential to support the night time business economy in London.

From 2015 travellers will be able to take the Tube home at any hour of the night on Fridays and Saturdays Credit: Press Association

London Underground's Managing Director, Mike Brown added: "My commitment to London is that all Tube stations will continue to be staffed and controlled in future, with more staff visible and available to help customers buy the right ticket, plan their journey and keep them safe and secure.

"Rebuilt stations, new trains and signalling systems mean we are now running some of the most frequent metro services anywhere in Europe. To meet the challenge of London's growing population and development, we must continue to invest and deliver even more efficiently in future."

Londoners 'should not be fooled' by savage cuts

The mayor must believe he is some sort of magician if he thinks he can slash a thousand jobs and still run safe services when everyone knows that staffing has already been cut to the bone while passenger demand continues to rise.

Throwing in the plan for night time operation at the weekends is just a smokescreen to try and camouflage the real issue which is a savage cuts to jobs, access and safety. Any move to run through the night would require huge additional capacity and staffing and wholesale changes to fleet and infrastructure maintenance that would require the agreement of the tube unions and the issue has only been flagged up today as a diversion from the massive cuts agenda.

Londoner's should not be fooled. Axing staff and ticket offices is part of the drive to a faceless, automated tube where you take your chances the moment you step onto a station, a platform or a train. That is the real issue we have been confronted with today.

– Bob Crow, RMT Union

Round-the-clock Tubes 'boost night-time economy'

For 150 years the Tube has been the beating heart of London, its tunnels and tracks providing the arteries that have transported millions of people and helped to drive the development and economic growth of our great city.

Now it is time to take the Tube to the next level and so for the first time in London's history, we will provide a regular 24-hour Night Tube service at weekends. This will not just boost jobs and our vibrant night-time economy, it will further cement.

– Boris Johnson, Mayor of London
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