More Olympic lights removed

Engineers have removed a second pair of lights from London's Olympic stadium. The 14 iconic triangle-shaped towers gave the stadium it's distinctive appearance during the 2012 games.

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Delicate process begins to remove Olympic lights

Before the floodlights are removed temporary cables are placed across the stadium to keep the towers stable. The lights are then taken down in pairs. Each pair of lighting towers is lifted and lowered to the ground using cranes with a 600 tonne lifting capacity.

Work to construct the new 45,000sq metres roof begins in the spring. It will be completed by spring 2015 when final preparations for the Rugby World Cup will take place including installing concessions, toilets, turnstiles and hospitality areas.

First floodlights are removed from Olympic Stadium

The first floodlights have been removed from London's Olympic Stadium as part of work to transform the site into a multi-use venue and the permanent home of West Ham United Football Club.

Crane prepares to lift the first of the lights way Credit: LLDC
Each pair of lighting towers is lifted and lowered to the ground using crawler cranes with 600 tonnes lifting capacity Credit: LLDC
The 14 floodlight towers weigh 34 tonnes and contain an average of 35 lamps Credit: LLDC
A team of around twenty abseilers erect all the temporary cables and remove the floodlights Credit: LLDC
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