Defendant: Lee Rigby 'like the non-Muslim version of myself'

The jury in the Lee Rigby murder trial has been shown video of a police interview with one of the defendants, Michael Adebolajo, in which he claims he saw the soldier "like the non Muslim version of myself". Both of the accused deny murder.

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Jury sees video of police interviews with Rigby suspect

The jury in the Lee Rigby murder trial was shown footage of police interviews with Michael Adebolajo, one of the defendants accused of killing the soldier:

The jury was shown videos of police interviews with defendant Michael Adebolajo. Credit: Metropolitan Police

The trial has been adjourned until tomorrow.


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Fusilier Lee Rigby's widow leaves court in tears

The widow of Fusilier Lee Rigby left the court in tears as the jury was shown police interviews with one of the defendants accused of his murder.

Rebecca Rigby walked out as Michael Adebolajo was heard speaking to officers in the aftermath of the incident near Woolwich barracks on May 22.

The widow of Lee Rigby left the courtroom as the police interviews were played. Credit: PA Wire

Adebolajo, covered by a blue blanket, told police there was a "war between the Muslims and the British people" and called himself a "soldier of Allah".

The defendant said politicians gathering in the House of Commons and paying tribute to soldiers killed in Afghanistan was "a disgusting practice".

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Suspect asked about 'I'm not denying murder' remark

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Woolwich suspect describes himself as 'soldier of Allah'

Adebolajo is heard in the interview describing himself as a 'soldier of Allah', adding:

I am very willing to be incarcerated perhaps for many, many years... Lee Rigby was killed on the 22 May.

He was struck in the neck with a sharp instrument and he was sawed until his head, you know, became detached and may Allah forgive me if i acted in a way that is displeasing to him.

Adebolajo is heard arguing with the police officer trying to question him. He said:

When I finish you may speak. Do not abuse your position.

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Britain's leaders described as 'wicked, selfish, corrupt'

Adebolajo is seen wearing a blue blanket over his head. He identifies himself as Mujaheed Abu Hamza. He talks of Britain's leaders ruling in a...

... wicked, selfish, corrupt and oppressive manner. I am particularly disgusted by the likes of David Cameron, the Miliband brothers... what's his name? Nick Clegg, you know and others.


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Woolwich accused 'disgusted by Cameron and Clegg'

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Suspect told police 'it gave him little joy to slay anyone'

The jury at the Lee Rigby murder trial have been shown a video of the police interview with Michael Adebolajo, one of the defendants accused of killing the soldier:

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