Calls to lower planned fare increases for 2014

The Mayor is facing calls to lower his planned price increases on Travelcards, as a result of the Chancellor's Autumn Statement.

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Changes to London fares confuse Boris Johnson

Even Boris Johnson seemed confused over the cost of public transport fares in 2014. During his regular LBC 97.3 phone-in show London's Mayor was asked much a one-way ticket from his nearby station Angel to London Bridge would cost. Boris Johnson replied:

Oh blimey. I've got the figures here... A cash single, it is currently, in zones one to seven, it is £6.70. Can that be right? That's what it says here. Seems unbelievably expensive to me. That's outrageous. That cannot possibly be right.

After a pause to study the figures, London's Mayor continued:

Oh zone one, here we go, £4.50.


London public transport costs part frozen

Boris Johnson has agreed that London public transport fares will only rise with inflation in 2014 to help commuters with the cost of living.

The Evening Standard is reporting that tickets will only rise in line with the 3.1 per cent inflation rate on average from January – which is 1% less than the expected rise of 4.1%. According to the newspaper, some of the key announcements from City Hall include:

  • Most Oyster PAYG fares for the Tube, DLR & Overground frozen at 2013 prices.
  • Zone 1 peak & off-peak single tickets & Zone 1-2 off-peak single ticket will increase by 10p.
  • Cash fares for a single bus journey frozen at £2.40 but Oyster PAYG or contactless card rise by 5p to £1.45. A 7-day bus pass rises 80p from £19.60 to £20.40.
  • Cash Tube single fares jump 20p to £4.70.
  • No rise on daily maximum charged to Oyster PAYG.

However, there is some disappointment for some commuters as other tickets, including Travelcards, will go up by more than inflation.

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