Thick fog causes travel disruption in London

Thick fog has caused another day of flight chaos for air passengers. The poor visibility led to 40 flights being cancelled at Heathrow airport, with dozens of cancellations too at London City Airport.

London's warm winter leaves salt stock untouched

  • Westminster City Council has a stock of 1,500 tonnes of salt to use between now and the end of March
  • So far this year Westminster has used zero tonnes of salt on the roads, as the road surface temperature has never dropped below freezing
  • By 12th December 2012, Westminster Council had already used 65 tonnes of salt on 6 separate nights
  • By 12th December 2010, we had used 242 tonnes of salt


Met Police helicopter flies high above the fog

Flying high above London's fog today was the Met Police helicopter. The team on board took these stunning pictures of Docklands, and The O2 which is only just about visible.


Those who thought the last image was Canary Wharf are wrong (it looks like this...)


Recognition training for you today...stunning weather conditions, where is this?


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Docklands' skyscrapers appears above a foggy London

Delayed Heathrow passengers tweet photos of fog


Fog at Heathrow but still, about to take-off. Next stop: Kiev, Ukraine!


Been at #Heathrow for ~2hrs; this is the first plane I've seen. Apparently there are more out there #peasouper #fog