London pilot 'confused & distracted' before crash

An official report into a plane crash in Cheltenham concluded the pilot was "confused and distracted".

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Crashed aircraft was 'two miles short of its destination'

The single-engine aircraft made the dramatic crash landing in a back garden in Cheltenham, Gloucestershire on June 6. The plane's parachute deployed and the pilot was uninjured.

. Credit: PA Wire

The aircraft was heading from Denham Aerodrome in Buckinghamshire to Gloucestershire airport. It crashed in Up Hatherley, about two miles short of its destination.

. Credit: PA Wire

London pilot was 'confused and distracted' before crash

A London pilot who crashed into the back garden of a house in Cheltenham earlier this year was "confused" and "distracted", according to an official report.

The single-engine plane aftrer a dramatic crash landing in a back garden in Cheltenham Credit: Press Association

The Air Accidents Investigation Branch report said:

"After approximately 18 seconds, the pilot again disconnected the autopilot but the aircraft was displaced left of the approach centreline.

"By this stage, the pilot was confused and distracted by the unexpected aircraft behaviour and, in his attempts to regain the approach path, he started over-controlling in roll and then in pitch."


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