Londoners hit as 2014 rail fare rises are revealed

More rail commuters in London and the South East will be catapulted into the £5,000-a-year season ticket bracket after the 2014 fare rises were revealed.

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Commuters to pay higher rail fares from tomorrow

Rail fares are rising so fast that by 2018 the Government will be making "a profit from passengers", according to a new report Credit: PA

Passengers will pay higher rail fares from tomorrow, with annual season tickets rising by an average of 3.1%.

The increase pushes some commuters into the £5,000-a-year "club", with annual season tickets to London from Deal and Dover Priory costing £5,012.

The rise also means some annual season tickets will break the £4,000 mark, with a Basingstoke-London annual fare now rising to £4,076.

How will TfL's new fare increase affect commuters?

Fares increases across transport services in the capital are expected to come into effect on January 19 2014, it announced today.

Here are how much the new fares will be:

  • On the Tube, only three pay as you go fares, the Zone 1 peak and off-peak adult fares and the Zone 1-2 off-peak fare, will increase by 10p
  • All other Oyster pay as you go single fares for the Tube, DLR and London Overground will remain frozen at 2013 prices next year
  • Cash single fares, which are only used by around one per cent of Tube users, will increase by 20p
  • On the buses, the pay as you go fare on Oyster and contactless payment card increases 5p to £1.45 while the daily cap and cash fare is frozen
  • • The 7 Day Bus & Tram Pass will increase by 60p to £20.20
  • The off-peak One Day paper Travelcard range will be simplified to the Zone 1-6 off-peak ticket only and it is frozen at 2013 price
  • • All free and concessionary travel for young, elderly and disabled Londoners, as well as Veterans and members of the Armed Forces, has been protected in full


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Union leader Crow: Rail fare rises are 'rip-off'

Bob Crow, general secretary of the RMT transport union, said in response to rail fare rises published today:

Just as the private train companies are closing down services due to adverse weather, they are publishing fare increases which massively outstrip wages and which will once again hit low to medium earners where it hurts. The great private rail rip-off continues.

Public ownership is the only solution to this outrageous racketeering that forces the British people to pay the highest fares in Europe to travel on overcrowded and unreliable services.

– Bob Crow

How will rail fare rises affect Londoners?

Rail fares will rise by an average of 2.8 percent from 2 January. Here are some of the journeys affected:

  • Dover Priory to London - up 3.4% from £4,864 to £5,012
  • Deal to London - up 3.4% from £4,864 to £5,012
  • Folkestone Central to London - up 3.06% to £4,984
  • Canterbury to London - up 3.07% to £4,960
  • Bedford to London - up 3.07% to £4,300
  • Tunbridge Wells to London - up 3.1% to £4,260
  • Reading to London - up 3.23% to £4,088
  • West Malling in Kent to London - up 3.1% to £3,996
  • Aylesbury to London - up 2.75% to £3,732
  • Guildford to London - up 2.98% to £3,320
  • Sevenoaks to London - up 3.08% to £3,208
  • Woking to London - up 2.9% to £2,980

London commuters hit £5k-a-year season ticket bracket

More rail commuters in London and the South East will be catapulted into the £5,000-a-year season ticket bracket after the 2014 fare rises were revealed.

Increases of 3.4% take those travelling to London from Dover Priory and Deal in Kent past the £5,000 figure.

Some commuters will be paying more than £5,000 for an annual rail ticket Credit: Gareth Fuller/PA

And commuters from Basingstoke in Hampshire will join the £4,000 "club" following a 2.93% increase on their season tickets to and from London.

The figures were revealed on the rail industry's National Rail Enquiries website, with the new fares taking effect from January 2.


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