Plan to increase congestion charge by 15%

Transport for London is consulting on increasing the daily charge from £10 to £11.50.

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Danger of 'excessive burden' in proposed charge rise

The Federation of Small Businesses in London supports TFL's efforts to address future congestion which costs micro firms time and money.

However, TFL must ensure small businesses are not excessively burdened at a time of increasing economic pressures, especially when micro firms are dependent on their vehicle for essential business journeys.

72 per cent of small firms said their car/van is crucial to their business.

The congestion charge and emission related discount schemes have already resulted in a disproportionate financial burden on small businesses that have had to spend time and money on compliance.

– Federation of Small Businesses, London

London congestion charge is 'in effect a tax'

This proposed hike in the congestion charge underlines what every London driver knows - that the charge is nothing to do with congestion or CO2 and everything to do with cash, in effect a tax.

Congestion in the capital is already well above pre-charge levels but this is not related to an increase in the number of private cars.

A city trying to get back on its feet after recession doesn't need its key service firms to suffer from further financial burden. Some of that will be passed on to customers, which hits growth and high-street spending.

– Edmund King, President of the AA


London's congestion charge could rise by 15%

London's congestion charge could rise by 15%. Transport for London is considering an increase from £10 to £11.50 on the standard daily charge.

Other ways of paying will also rise if the proposals go ahead Credit: PA Wire

Transport for London says the daily charge has not risen since 2011. Increasing it would generate an estimated £84 million of additional revenue by the end of 2017/18.

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