Ten fire stations close across London to cut costs

Protests are being held outside the country's oldest fire station today to mark the closure of 10 stations in London under plans to make millions of pounds of savings.

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Your views as 10 London Fire Stations close for last time


@itvlondon good to try and cut on spending but is the response time really as fast with 10 less firehouses? Shouldn't it be safety first?


@itvlondon if these cuts to fire stations and police station front counters make so much sense why didn't Boris put them in his manifesto?

Fire station closures: 'Hang your heads in shame'

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@itvlondon its a joke closing stations down that have served london for years hang your heads in shame

Melica Patmore The cuts need to be reversed! the amount of money being saved is not worth the risk to lives, homes and livelihoods!


Your views: Ten London fire station close for last time

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Audrey Grant I have only one word - DISGUSTING

Johnny Higgins Cuts cuts cuts ! How about politicians take a cut in their salaries?

Colin Simpson I don't agree with the closures of fire stations if lives are put more at risk as a result.

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