Boris: Airports Commission 'behaving like Simon Cowell'

London Mayor Boris Johnson has launched a devastating attack on the government's Airports Commission, accusing it of behaving like Simon Cowell.

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Heathrow expansion 'too toxic' for Government to deliver

Speaking at the aviation conference in London today, Mr Johnson's aviation adviser Daniel Moylan said Mr Johnson had not been consulted about the setting up of the commission and had been "profoundly unsettled" by its interim report.

Heathrow expansion is not any answer at all, for the proven political reason that it is too toxic for any Government to deliver.

To delete the option of a new airport from the process would mean there was only one solution left that satisfied the Commission's remit: a new runway at Heathrow followed by a fourth.

That is not a bargaining position that any Government will accept or a prescription that any Government will deliver.

– Daniel Moylan, Mayor's aviation adviser


  1. Luke Hanrahan: ITV London reporter

'Door is half closed' on Thames estuary airport plans

Asked if the door is shut on all other options, Howard Davies replied:

I would say the door is half closed on Thames estuary plans. Demand will continue to increase before a new runway is built, therefore other airports must grow too.

Politics got us into the problem with current shape of UK airports, but analysis will get us out of it.

– Howard Davies, Head of the Airports Commission


Next steps outlined over future London airport capacity

The next steps to decide on future UK runway capacity are being outlined this morning. Sir Howard Davies, the head of the Airports Commission has already shortlisted Heathrow and Gatwick Airports as possible sites for a new runway by 2030.

Heathrow Airport Credit: Press Association

Today Sir Howard will speak about the commission's work towards a definite runway recommendation - to be made in a final report in summer 2015.

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