Missing Romanian Tube man found

A Romanian man who went missing from Stockwell tube station on Tuesday has been reunited with his family. Vasile Belea was found safe and well in the Southall area last night.

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Missing man's son: 'the doors closed, he was gone'

Ciprian Belea, the son of a man who's gone missing after becoming separated from him at Stockwell tube station, has told our Senior Correspondent Ronke Phillips what happened.

He said he had boarded a tube train but the doors had shut before his father had time to join him.

He said he made a gesture to tell his father to stay put, but he doesn't think he understood, because when he returned to the platform, he wasn't there.

Vasile Belea hasn't been seen since Tuesday.


Missing Romanian: police to release CCTV

Vasile Belea hasn't been seen since he missed a tube train at Stockwell on Tuesday Credit: Metropolitan Police/PA Wire/Press Association Images

Police are to release a new CCTV still of a missing Romanian man, who became separated from his son on Stockwell tube station on Tuesday, and hasn't been seen since.Officers say they think Vasile Belea may have tried to return to Hackbridge in Sutton, where he had been staying with his son.

He has money and an Oyster card, but was not carrying his arthritis medication.

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