Set collapses at Camden's Roundhouse

Set collapses on to audience at Roundhouse in Camden.

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Roundhouse eyewitness: 'it was clear something had gone very wrong'

We were about half an hour into the spectacular Fuerzabruta performance, when one of the big vertical acts - a sail likestructure with two performers on top - collapsed into half of the audience.

It was hard to work out what had happened at first, but we were quickly ushered out and it was clear something had gone very wrong.

Luckily, it sounds like there were no serious injuries"

– Sam Joiner, eyewitness


Set collapse: Roundhouse statement

Approximately 30 minutes into the performance, a piece of moving stage equipment on which two artists were performing suffered a technical failure and fell slowly into an area where audience members were standing.

The equipment was brought in for the production and was not part of the Roundhouse structure.

The show was stopped and the performance space was cleared immediately.

A handful of injuries were reported, and whilst extremely regrettable, fortunately none of these injuries were serious.Those affected were seen by medics and four people - including one performer - were treated for minor injuries.

The Roundhouse is committed to the safety and well-being of its audiences and undertakes rigorous risk assessments for all of the shows that take place here. We are investigating what led to the issues experienced during this performance."

– The Roundhouse


Set collapses onto audience during performance of Fuerzabruta at Camden's Roundhouse.

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