'Inspirational' London teenagers receive Princess Diana award

Dozens of inspirational young people received Diana Awards, in memory of Princess Diana, at a ceremony in the Canary Wharf this afternoon. These young people have invested a huge amount of energy to improve the lives of others.

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'Exceptional bravery' recognised by Diana award

Nicole Christou

A nine-year-old girl who set up a charity which has raised £100,000 for pioneering research has shown 'exceptional bravery' say judges of this year's Princess Diana Award.

Nicole Christou said she was surprised to win the award after she set up the Butterfly AVM Charity to raise money for pioneering research at Great Ormond Street Hospital.

Nikki was diagnosed with Arterio-Venous Malformation three years ago.

AVM occurs when high pressure arteries containing fast flowing blood are directly connected to low pressure veins, which normally only contain slow flowing blood.

This means that blood from the arteries drains directly into the veins without stopping to supply the normal tissues in that part of the body with essential substances like oxygen and nutrition.

Teenager 'creates opportunities for young people'

Camilla Yahaya with her award

A seventeen-year-old teenager from Lewisham has won a Princess Diana Award for 'the meaningful opportunities she creates for young people'.

Camilla Yahaya was nominated by Prendergast Ladywelfields College in Lewisham.

She established and run a group called the Jimmy Mizen Young Citizens for the past four years.The group which aims to promote peace on London's streets. Camilla said she was 'thrilled' to receive the award.


'I want to improve the lives of children in care'

George Firth is one of seventy young people who have been presented with a Princess Diana Award in recognition of the contribution they make to their communities.

Seventeen-year-old George has spent the past five years working for the Enfield Children in Care Council.

He said he was happy to give up his time to 'help improve the lives of children and young adults in care'.

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