Driver who stopped for 7 seconds at crossing is fined

Graham Wilkinson let his 12-year-old son get out of his van as he stopped at a zebra crossing in Shoebury in Essex. But the seven second stop earned him a £35 fine.

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Driver who stopped for 7 seconds at crossing is fined

A driver who stopped his van at a zebra crossing for 7 seconds to let his son get out has been hit with a £35 fine. Graham Wilkinson was caught by a council CCTV camera outside Shoeburyness High School in Essex.

Zebra crossing in Shoebury in Essex where Graham Wilkinson was fined Credit: Google Street View

Graham's 12-year-old son, Joel is a pupil at the school. His brief stop also allowed other children to get across the road safely. Speaking to the Southend Echo he said:

"It's a ludicrous decision. It's not like I have parked up and got out. I even spoke to a police officer to see if I was breaking some road traffic law, but they said I wasn't.

"You can clearly see the kids walking across. I couldn't have driven on, even if I'd have wanted to, and I wasn't holding anyone up."


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