Special series - Housing: A Capital Crisis

All this week, we're running a special series of reports on the Capital's booming housing market, and how Londoners are coping with it.

Latest ITV News reports


Your views: Former slums are now millionaires row


#capitalcrisis The slums of the 50's & 60's in the East End are now millionaires row! Who can afford to live there now? Only the rich!


I'd love to live on the river in Putney. Can't afford it. I live in a cheaper area. You can't always get what you want. #capitalcrisis

Your views: Time to bring empty houses into use


@itvnews Time to bring empty houses into use that have been sat on by Companies and rich individuals.#CapitalCrisis


@itvlondon #capitalcrisis Social housing is the way, via the 5yr rule they get chance to save up and then take these ‘affordable’ houses..


It'd be nice to hear talk of garden cities for the north too but job creation is more important. Less London-centric policy. #capitalcrisis


Your views: Help To Buy got me on property ladder


Thnx to #helptobuy I have a property in Greenwich, without it that would've never happened. Instead of wasting money on rent #capitalcrisis


#capitalcrisis we have on average 2.700 empty homes in each borough .peopleb4profit Councillors will take back 2 use 4 local homes need

Your views: 32-year-old son still renting to get on ladder


@itvlondon my son is 32 has a good job & is renting as it is hard to get on the property ladder #capitalcrisis #target #affordablehousing


#capitalcrisis Affordable housing?! Affordable by who? Not by anyone on minimum wage! They have no chance of saving for a deposit!

Your views: Working class being pushed out of London


Successive governments messed up social housing, right to buy was mismanaged, miles from the original social housing idea... #capitalcrisis


@itv working class are being pushed out of London. Low priority for social housing for rent but too poor to buy #capitalcrisis

Your views: Building more flats will not solve crisis


#capitalcrisis building more flats/houses in londons locale, will not solve crisis. Doctors schools needed first.


Most young people like me have a flat&can't afford it and whys that? Because of the lack of jobs no wonder people are moving #capitalcrisis


@itvlondon Why affordable housing? What is this? Why not social housing.. We need more social housing.. #capitalcrisis

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