Spring turns to winter as snow falls in London

It may may be March but today parts of the capital took a step back towards winter.


Snow starts falling when it's meant to be Spring


Snow in London? Snow? I def didn't tick that box in the brochure ..


Snow, hail and sleet my first day back from tropical paradise. Thanks, London.

Snow 'falls for 5 minutes' over parts of London


Is winter here??. Cold, snow and rain altogether in day in London.


Typical english weather, It doesn't snow all year then it does for 5 minutes in the middle of March #Englishweather #london #Typical

Spring turns to winter: Reports of snow in London

It may be March, but parts of central London are beginning to feel more like winter. Snow has reportedly fallen in parts of the capital. Tweet your pictures to @itvlondon


Guess what weather is happening in London outside, now, without looking. No, wrong! the answer is snow.


SNOW IN LONDON!!!! ????? I knew it would snow eventually!!

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