Interactive parks map expanded across the capital

The Parklife London app, which allows users to search for parks in their area and upload information about locations and community events, has been expanded to cover 32 boroughs across the capital.

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Parklife app aims to become 'green TripAdvisor'

A website that allows Londoners to search for parks in their area hopes to become a 'green TripAdvisor' for the capital.

The Parklife London app, developed by the City of London's charity the City Bridge Trust, allows individual users and community organisations to add to its database and upload information about local events and projects.

Creators hope it will become self-sustaining if enough people contribute to the project.

I really hope that Londoners will put this tool to good use and share their hidden gems with others.

Covering 32 boroughs across London, Parklife London has the potential to become our capital's Green Trip Adviser.'

– David Farnsworth, Chief Grants Officer of City Bridge Trust

Parks map of London expanded across the capital

An free app that allows to search for parks near you has now been expanded across the capital.

'Parklife London' originally covered 12 inner city boroughs, but now covers 20. Its database contains 2,300 parks.

The app has been expanded across 20 boroughs

The app allows you to search for nearby parks, playgrounds or green spaces using a postcode or address.

It was created as part of the Growing Localities’ programme from the City of London Corporation’s charity, City Bridge Trust.

Parklife gives you information on parks near you


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