Cars and vans 'to be banned' from Tottenham Court Road

Camden Council says changes are essential to cope with increase in pedestrians when Crossrail opens in 2018.

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Your views: Should cars and taxis be banned from Tottenham Court Road?

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Vic Stanley What an absolute joke! Roads are for cars, bus lanes are for buses, bike lanes are for bikes, pavements are for people. Do you understand Boris Johnson? There is enough room on the roads for everyone, but then Ken Livingstone started to mess it all up, and you are continuing it...

Timothy Barson So how are all the shops gonna be stocked? If anything pedestrians and shops should be banned from the road

Your views: Do you agree with the Tottenham Court Road car ban?

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Michael Davies This is a ridiculous idea! Banning vehicles may be suitable in some places, but this is a main artery through the West End essential for travelling from East or South of London, heading either North through Camden or else to the West.

We have to accept cars are a fact of life, not all Londoners live in Zone 1 or travel solely during hours of full tube/train operation. A practical and flowing road network is essential!

London could become a city of 'buses and bikes'

Getting rid of lorries and cars from Tottenham Court Road would be a positive step forwards and opens the way for reducing traffic throughout the West End of London.

London could become a city of buses and bikes, if the Mayor and the boroughs did some bold thinking and examined how other roads could be redesigned.

However, we should be aiming to reduce the traffic and pollution on our streets, not just displace it onto other roads.

Streets become nicer, more human places, as soon as you make the safety of pedestrians and cyclists your number one priority.

– Green Party


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