Angle grinder gang cut through ticket machines

Police are hunting a gang of thieves which stole more than £3,000 from railway station ticket machines.

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Public warned not to approach ticket machine thieves

Detectives investigating a series of raids on railway station ticket offices have warned the public not to approach anyone stealing from machines. CCTV footage has been released showing men smashing into the vending machines using angle grinders and pickaxes.

Detectives are trying to trace those involved, but say anyone who sees something suspicious should contact British Transport Police rather than approach the gang as they are likely to be armed.

Detective Constable Nick Thompson, leading the investigation said it's believed all the attacks were down to the same gang. He added:

The money stolen in these attacks really does pale into insignificance when you consider the cost of the damage – which is estimated as thirty-three times the value of the cash taken. These thefts haven’t just hit the rail industry financially, they’ve also caused disruption and inconvenience to passengers, with ticket machines taken out of service for repairs.

– Detective Constable Nick Thompson


Dramatic CCTV shows ticket machine raid

Police hunting a gang which made off with £3,000 from railway stations have released dramatic CCTV footage showing men slicing through ticket machines with an angle grinder.

The footage captures the suspects approaching the vending machines, cutting through them and smashing them with pickaxes to get to the cash inside. Six stations in London and Hertfordshire have been targeted since April.

Police hunt angle grinder thieves

Credit: British Transport Police

Detectives are hunting a gang suspected of stealing £3,000 and causing £100,000 of damage by slicing through railway ticket machines with an angle grinder and pickaxes. Six machines across north London and Hertfordshire have been targeted since April.

Credit: British Transport Police

Police are searching for three suspects seen on CCTV footage.

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