Three teens seriously burnt trying to light barbecue

Three teenagers have been seriously burnt trying to start a barbecue using bio-ethanol fuel.

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Safety advice after teens burnt lighting barbecue

Firefighters have issued safety warnings after teenagers were seriously burnt lighting a barbecue with bio-ethanol over the weekend. One of the men is critically ill in hospital, with 'potentially life-changing' burns to over 50% of his body.

London Fire Brigade has issued warnings about the use of bio-ethanol:

  • Only use bio-ethanol fuel in fireboxes and containers designed for the product
  • This fuel is highly flammable and should be kept in containers tightly closed and away from any ignition sources
  • Never add fuel to a burning fire or overfill a fuel container and never fill up a firebox fuel container that is still hot
  • Extinguish all fires when leaving a room or before going to sleep
  • Clean up fuel spills with a damp cloth and dry completely

Warning after barbecue 'burst into a fireball'

London Fire Brigade is warning those having summer barbecues to only use appropriate lighting methods, after three teenagers were burnt over the weekend.

It's thought the men had been struggling to ignite a charcoal barbecue when they lit bio-ethanol, causing it to 'burst into a fireball'. The fuel is specifically intended for indoor 'real flame' fires.

One of the men is critically ill in hospital, with 'potentially life-changing' burns to more than 50% of his body.

If this warm weather continues, we’re really concerned that we could be seeing more and more of these incidents unless people take greater care with their barbecues.We wish the three lads well and hope they recover quickly from their injuries.

– Mark Hazelton, London Fire Brigade


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