Bank robber foiled by window cleaner who spots fake gun

James Rowley disarmed a Andrew Fernandez and then chased him down the street, and then held him there until police turned up.

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Bank robber 'chased with fire extinguisher'

A man that stopped a potential armed robbery at a bank in Coulsdon has said he chased the robber out of the bank with "a few choice words" and a fire extinguisher.

Speaking to Good Morning Britain, James Rowley said he knew the gun was a fake when the man called for his accomplice to "bring in the other gun".

He then ran out of the bank and Mr Rowley followed and chased him up the street. He managed to apprehended the man and hold him until the police arrived.

Mr Rowley has since been presented with a Commendation for his actions by Assistant Commissioner Mark Rowley.


Window cleaner 'humbled' after disarming robber

When I saw him enter the bank waving the gun around, making demands I just acted on instinct. I thought that the gun wasn't real and therefore I knew I had to act.

At the time I didn't think it was brave I thought it was my duty to get involved ignoring it was not the answer.

I told him to leave and then he tried to escape I immediately thought no he is not going to get away with this so chased him with the help of my friend, holding him down until the officers came along.

What's happened since then with receiving an Assistant Commissioner's commendation and now being awarded a police bravery award , well I am humbled.

– James Rowley

Robber foiled by window cleaner who spots fake gun

A window cleaner, who was in a "bad mood" disarmed a bank robber and chased him down the street in south London - and held him there until police arrived. James Rowley was at Lloyds Bank in Coulsdon when Andrew Fernandez suddenly burst in and waved a gun at the cashier.

Credit: Metropolitan Police

But James Rowley spotted that the gun was fake, and chased him out the branch. Speaking to the Evening Standard, he said:

"I was in a bad mood. I'd been dashing around all morning like a headless chicken trying to get the cheques and money together to pay the bills."

Credit: Metropolitan Police

James Rowley added: "I was at the counter and I saw this guy walk in with a crash helmet on. I just thought 'here we go'. I knew what was going to happen next and I wasn't in the mood for it."

Credit: Metropolitan Police


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