Another setback for Boris over estuary airport ambitions

A ComRes poll for the London Chamber of Commerce and Industry reveal 54% of business leaders favour expansion at Heathrow over Gatwick.

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Thames Estuary airport scheme questioned

More doubt has been cast on the prospect of the so-called "Boris Island" Thames Estuary airport plan going ahead.

Proposed Thames Estuary. Credit: Foster & Partners

Favoured by London Mayor Boris Johnson, the estuary scheme, involving a new four-runway airport, is being studied by the Whitehall-appointed Airports Commission.

One of three reports prepared for the commission published today has said of the estuary plan: "Overall, the challenges to transition are considerable and amount to a significant cost and risk to the taxpayer in terms of commercial negotiations, infrastructure development and potential failure."


Businesses 'clear preferences' for Heathrow solutions

Government and the Airports Commission will note London businesses have clear preferences for Heathrow-focused solutions to the airport capacity issue.

While it is important that the role of the UK's hub airport is recognised, London Chamber believes that practical future proofing of the UK economy should see new runways built at both Heathrow and Gatwick, in a staggered approach.

– Colin Stanbridge, London Chamber of Commerce and Industry
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