UK broadband 'inadequate' for businesses

A new report has called for faster broadband speeds in the capital to help small businesses. The Federation of Small Businesses says London has fallen behind other cities in providing a fast connection, which it claims is stunting economic growth.

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FSB: 45,000 businesses on dial up 'unacceptable'

Too many of small firms are held back by the current state of the broadband market in the UK, the chairman of the Federation of Small Businesses has said. John Allan added:

The fact that we have around 45,000 businesses still on dial up is unacceptable and many more throughout the country, even in London, are receiving poor service.

While progress has been made with the residential market, businesses have not enjoyed the same benefits, which is holding back their growth. We therefore want to see the UK Government show ambition with its broadband targets and put business needs at their centre. Leaving five per cent of the population with a 2Mbps connection in 2017 is not good enough.


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