Camden Council lifts bans on barbecues

Camden Council has lifted its ban on barbecuing in the borough's parks for a one year trial period, from today.

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Council urges responsibility

Council asks that people to use barbecues responsibly and safely Credit: Jens Wolf/DPA

The council warned people keen to take up its offer that they need to cook outdoors responsibly; take water to put out the BBQ, be considerate to other people, dispose of all litter properly and keep children, pets, games and sports well away from the BBQ.

Camden Council do not manage Hampstead Heath, Regents Park or Primrose Hill where barbecues are still strictly not permitted.

Only portable charcoal barbecues allowed

Only portable charcoal barbecues allowed, says the council Credit: Bernd Thissen

Many people living in Camden do not have their own gardens and we want as many people as possible to enjoy our parks over the summer. We will only be allowing portable, reusable charcoal barbecues, disposable or gas barbecues will not be allowed.

Full BBQ guidelines and bins for cooled charcoal will be provided in our parks and open spaces where BBQs prove most popular.

– Camden Council


Council allows BBQs for one year trial

Camden has overturned its total ban on barbecuing it its parks Credit: Kezia Storr/PA

From today Camden says it welcomes barbecuing in its parks and open spaces for a trial period of a year.

The move reverses their previous total ban on outdoor barbies.

The council said they want people to be able to enjoy outdoor cooking with their family and friends.

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