London sewers "unable to cope" with flood water

A new report warns that the capital is at "significant risk" of flooding if nothing is done to alleviate the pressure on London's sewers.

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London plan to address flooding risk

"Flooding is a very real threat for significant numbers of people in London and London needs a robust and sustainable response to address this now to avoid an even bigger problem in the future.

The plan contains some key measures which, if implemented in a timely way and correctly, will be of real benefit.

The net increase in London's green infrastructure will not only make London a better place to live but will also reduce the amount of rainwater entering the sewer system and hence reduce the risk of flooding."

– Cllr Julian Bell, Chair, London Councils' Transport and Environment Committee

London "at risk of major flooding"

The capital is "at risk of major flooding" unless something is done to support the over-capacity sewer system, according to a new report.

The new research supported by the Major of London, Thames Water, the Environment Agency and London Councils calls for the capital's public spaces to be transformed into green areas which will help absorb surface water after rainfall.

17% of permeable ground has been lost in London over the past 40 years as homeowners chose to cover their previously green lawns with concrete. This means that water which used to be absorbed is now directed towards sewers which are unable to cope with the strain.


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