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YouTube star Alfie Deyes describes 'insane' real life success

Video blogging star Alfie Deyes says it is "insane" that 8,000 people turned up on Saturday for his 'The Pointless Book' signing event in London.

Deyes was besieged by fans as he launched the book to accompany his YouTube channel where he posts videos about every day issues.

Speaking to ITV London the 21-year-old vlogger who has over three million subscribers to his Pointless blog and 1.2 million Twitter followers says he thinks his success is down to the fact that he is just "normal".

British Museum to be digitally re-created in Minecraft

An online version of the British Museum, complete with all of its eight million exhibits, is due to be built using the popular video game Minecraft.

In the game, players can build entire worlds from scratch using different types of blocks. Staff at the museum have gone online looking for members of the public and fans of the game to take part.

The British Museum will be re-created online with all of its exhibits

The project is part of the Museum of the Future scheme, trying to expand the British Museum's online appeal. Built in the 1850s, it is now the UK's most popular tourist attraction and has over six million visitors every year.

Famous exhibits, like the Lewis Chessmen, will be re-created in digital form

The project is still in its early stages and the first steps will be to build the Great Court and facade of the building before starting work on other areas of the museum.


Want to be first in line for the new iPhone? You're too late

Demand for the new iPhone 6 is expected to be huge. So, not surprisingly, with more than a week to go, the first Apple fanatics have begun camping out on Regent Street outside the Apple store.

Snapchat launches London-specific filters for photos

Snapchat users in London are now able to choose from a range of location-specific filters to add onto their photos.

Geofilters only become available to users on the photo-sharing app when they are in one of the 30 selected locations across the capital.

Geofilters only become available to users on the photo-sharing app when they are in one of the 30 selected locations across the capital. Credit: Snapchat

The London Eye and Tower Bridge are just two of the popular landmarks that have been announced.

Initially, the feature was only available in the US, with users getting access to geofilters in places like New York and Los Angeles.

Initially the feature was only available for US Snapchat users only. Credit: Snapchat

YouTube stars take to the stage

8,000 people are expected at the event Credit: PA

8,000 people are getting together to meet their online video idols.

The UK's biggest YouTube festival, Summer in the City, is being held at Alexandra Palace.

The event was set up by vloggers and allows those YouTube stars - many of whom are hugely popular - the opportunity to perform in a live setting, often in front of the biggest audience of their lives. The fans can watch their favourite musicians, comedians, video bloggers and filmmakers on the main stage, but also meet them face to face to get a selfie or an autograph.

Summer in the City is an annual event that brings YouTube stars from across the world together with content creators, fans and industry personnel for the UK's largest celebration of all things YouTube. The weekend features live performances, talks and many opportunities for fans and content creators to connect with each other and meet their favourite YouTubers.

– Tom Burns, Summer in the City founder


Faulty fuse boxes cause 5 house fires a week

Faulty fuse boxes are causing five house fires a week in the capital, according to new figures by the London Fire Brigade.

London Fire Brigade say faulty fuse boxes are to blame for 5 house fires a week Credit: ITN

They say defective wiring and components are behind the problem. New regulations are being announced which will require them to be flame proof from 2015.

There's been a five fold increase in fires started by fuse boards over five years.

It's believed the increase is because many homes have installations subject to product recall.

Also, sometimes the wiring is not fitted properly at the time the unit is installed.

Find out here if your fuse box unit is on the London Fire Brigade recall list.

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