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Queues grown for the next generation of PlayStation

Eager gamers keen to get their hands on the next generation PlayStation console have begun queuing ahead of the launch at midnight. Some fans even camped overnight with queues forming outside the launch venue in Covent Garden yesterday afternoon.

Queues for the new PlayStation console in central London Credit: PA Wire

The PlayStation 4 officially goes on sale in the UK on Friday, but Sony has said customers who pre-ordered the machine could collect them from GAME stores a day early.

Pre-order levels are four times higher than for PS3 Credit: PA Wire


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Crowds await Xbox One midnight launch in cold London

Gaming enthusiasts have flocked to central London for the launch of the hotly-anticipated Xbox One.

Gaming enthusiasts got a taste of the new console.

With the launch of Sony's PS4 next week, Microsoft has a head start on its rival in the run-up to Christmas for its all-in-one entertainment device.

The Xbox One - which goes on sale at midnight - costs £429.99

Crowds await the midnight launch.

London's Leicester Square was transformed into a fantasy world overrun by zombies from and a Roman legion from Xbox games.

Leicester Square was transformed into fantasy land.

Web domain shown 'huge interest' from businesses

Business applicants for the new .London web domain name could potentially gain more customers, the chief executive of the mayor's official promotional organisation for London said today.

Gordon Innes of London & Partners added:

When we have talked to London businesses and organisations about this, they’re extremely excited about the opportunities .london presents.

We are already seeing huge interest – not just from London’s most prestigious stores and visitor attractions, but also from local businesses and tradespeople.

New .London web domain gets the go ahead

London is to become one of the first cities in the world to get its own web domain in the biggest change to the online world since .com was launched nearly 30 years ago.

London to become one of the first cities in the world with own web domain. Credit: London & Partners

London & Partners, the promotional agency for London, said and internet body ICANN has signed a contract this week giving the news system the formal go-ahead.

The agreement means London-based businesses, organisations and individuals will be able to apply first for new web addresses ending in .london from spring 2014, allowing them to maximise their internet presence and identify themselves online with one of the best cities on earth.


Southbank's OXO tower lights up for PS4 launch

Sony's highly anticipated next generation Playstation 4 (PS4) games console has gone on sale in the United States.

Thousands of gamers braved the cold to queue overnight at outlets across the country to get their hands on the coveted console from 5am local time.

The PlayStation symbols on the OXO Tower in London Credit: Twitter/Playstation Europe

On Thursday, the famous symbols of the console's controller -a circle, cross, square and triangle - replaced the lettering on London's OXO tower.

The PS4 will launch in the UK on November 29, priced at £349.

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