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Londoners get fewer A grades for 2nd year

Statistics from the Joint Council of Qualifications show:

  • The percentage of Londoners getting A or above has dropped by 0.2% since last year
  • The number also dropped the year before, with a 0.6% drop in A grades from 2011 to 2012
  • The number of pupils getting E grades has risen by 0.2% in 2013. It was stable between 2011 and 2012
  • The proportion of the UK's A* grades achieved by Londoners has gone up though - 18% compared to last year's 17%
  • More people in London enrolled for A-levels this year: 16% of pupils in 2013 compared to 15% in 2011 and 2012


62% increase in students applying for top universities

Over the last two years, BSix College in Hackney has been expanding its award-winning programme which prepares Hackney students for university life.

Each student taking part in the 'Raising Aspirations' programme forms a unique relationship with a university where they receive tailored advice, guidance and a unique insight into the world of higher education.

This year has seen a 62% increase since 2010 of students applying to the top 24 universities.

These students found out their hard work paid off this morning.

Two students head to Oxbridge

Happy students at BSix College this morning Credit: ITN

BSix College in Hackney has gone from strength to strength in the last 2 years.

In 2010 158 of their students left to go to university. This year they are projecting that a whopping 373 will go on to further education - that's an increase of 42%.

23 students are expected to go to red brick universities, and for the first time in the college's history, 2 students will continue their education at Oxford or Cambridge.

Drop in high A-level scores

The number of London students getting the highest grades in A-Levels has fallen for the first time in more than 20 years.

Today's exam results show that 28.5 per cent of this year's entries got an "A-star" or an "A".

Last year, it was just over 29 per cent.

The worry is that some students will now miss out on the universities of their choice.

Paul Brand has this report.


University acceptance down 7%

There's been a fall in the number of students already accepted for university places, down 7% this year, compared with 2011.

There are various reasons for this, such as tuition fees - now up to £9,000 a year - putting teenagers off higher education.

So what are the options for students who know that university isn't for them? Liz Wickham has been finding out.

Paul Brand reports on today's A-level results


Off to see students in Hackney get A level results. Good prospects are pricey this year - up to »9000 per yr at uni now


Spoke to couple of students this morn who missed grades and now wonder whether second choice uni is worth the tuition fees #Alevelresults


Applications at Greenwich Uni down 6.5%. But unprecedented no. of v early morning calls at their clearing centre today #Alevelresults

A-level success "is first step on way to Rio"

Jess Harper receives her A-level results at Putney High School.
Jess Harper receives her A-level results at Putney High School. Credit: Dominic Lipinksi, PA Wire

Jess Harper from Putney is celebrating a fantastic set of A-level results, that she hopes could set her on the path to Paralympic glory at Rio 2016.

With straight As in English, French, Spanish and history, the 18-year-old has secured her place at Brown University in the USA, where she will compete in disability swimming events.

She said: "They've got a great swimming programme over there and the coaches are really brilliant.

"I'm hoping that will give me the boost I need to make it for 2016."

The Putney High School pupil, whose lower left arm failed to develop before she was born, is ranked number 19 in the world in the 100 metre butterfly event.

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