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  1. Simon Harris: Political Correspondent

Escaped terror suspect 'involved in attack planning'

A Commons committee has heard that Mohammed Ahmed Mohamed, who escaped from a mosque in West London, was involved in fighting, attack planning and recruiting for Al Shabab in Somalia.

The Home Affairs Committee is hearing evidence from David Anderson, the independent reviewer of terror laws. Anderson says Terrorism Prevention and Investigation Measures are not a foolproof way of keeping the population safe, adding:

"I'm troubled by the fact that there are cases which can't be prosecuted at all."

Fugitive terror suspect Mohammed Ahmed Mohamed Credit: Met Police


Man jailed for string of burglaries on the elderly

John Connors, 41, was sentenced for eleven offences Credit: Met Police

A man has been jailed for a string of burglaries targeting elderly and disabled victims, some as old as 92.

John Connors was sentenced to eight years in prison at Isleworth Crown Court. He was found guilty of eleven offences in total across the East Acton and Hammersmith areas.

Mr Connors would trick his way into his victims' homes pretending to be from the 'water board', then distract them while he stole valuables and cash. Many of his victims were pensioners aged over 75 suffering from physical disabilities, including blindness.

Detective Constable Andy Griffin said Connors was a "career criminal" who "preyed" on vulnerable victims.

Terrorist's wife "did not have jihadist tendancies"


Terrorist's wife "does not condone" his actions

Terrorist's wife to be sentenced

Richard Dart, a Muslim convert, was jailed for six years for preparing acts of terrorism Credit: Metropolitan Police/PA Wire

The wife of a convicted terrorist, who pleaded guilty to failing to provide information that might have helped in his arrest and prosecution, is to be sentenced later.

Ayan Hadi, who's 31 and from Acton, is the wife of former BBC security guard Richard Dart, who was jailed in April.

He and two other men had planned to target the town of Wootton Bassett. At their trial, the judge described them all as "committed fundamentalists" who would have been prepared to kill.

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