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Compensation option being considered

A plane comes in to land at Gatwick Credit: Gareth Fuller/PA Wire

The pledge to give households £1000 towards their council tax as compensation for the noise from a second runway is equivalent to Band A council tax.

Gatwick chiefs are pressing hard for an extra runway and such an option is on the shortlist now being considered by the Whitehall-appointed Airports Commission.

Under the leadership of former Financial Services Authority chief Sir Howard Davies, the commission is due to make its final recommendation for a new runway in summer 2015.


Homes for 180,000 people on the Heathrow site

Instead, Boris will talk to business leaders later today about his 'dual vision': an area the size of the borough of Kensington and Chelsea on the Heathrow site housing 180,000 people and creating 40,000 jobs as well as a new airport in the east of the city.

He told Simon Harris that closing Heathrow would bring about massive economic growth in the area.

Gatwick offers no kind of solution

Gatwick Airport offers no kind of solution, the Mayor believes Credit: Steve Parsons/PA Archive

The Mayor is also due to claim in his speech later, that the proposal to add a second runway at Gatwick offers absolutely no kind of solution to the problem.

Gatwick already has the capacity to provide more flights but Mr Johnson says that airlines frustrated by congestion at Heathrow are well aware that the greater number of transfer passengers found at mega hub airports will offer them larger profits.

Airlines are therefore choosing to move to Schipol or other hub airports - instead of Gatwick, he says.

Expansion at Heathrow is undeliverable

A plane landing at Heathrow airport Credit: Steve Parsons/PA Archive

The Mayor's view is that any solutioninvolving the expansion of Heathrow is asking the Government to deliver theundeliverable.

He says that the airport is already responsible for vastly more noise pollution than any other airport in Europe and this would be made worse by adding a third, and inevitably a fourth runway.

This would be indefensible he claims, even before other serious questions involving air quality, vehicle pollution, rerouting the M25 and relocating local reservoirs were considered.


New hub airport is right solution

Speaking to business leaders at the CBI later, Mayor Boris Johnson will call the delay in solving the issue of aviation expansion ''unforgivable, baffling and ludicrous' and say:

  • Heathrow expansion is politically toxic andundeliverable
  • A new hub airport is the right solution for UK competitiveness
  • The UK needs a vision for growth in both Westand East London

Boris: More pigs flying than aircraft if Heathrow claims to be believed

Proposal is disastrous for Londoners, says Mayor Credit: Anthony Devlin/PA Wire/Press Association Images

Mayor Boris Johnson said:

"There are absolutely no circumstances in which the expansion of Heathrow will be acceptable to London or of long term benefit to the country.

"Three-quarters of a million people are already seriously affected by aircraft noise in their homes, and we cannot allow private profit to dictate a worsening of that situation.

"There will be more pigs flying than aircraft if we are to believe the claim that three runways at Heathrow will make less noise than two.

"Their proposal would be a disastrous outcome for Londoners, nor would it solve our aviation capacity crisis as a fourth runway would need to be in the planning process before a third was even open.

"Any proposal for expansion of Heathrow is politically, environmentally and socially unacceptable."

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VIDEO: Heathrow boss 'Cheapest option to build third runway at Heathrow'

A report out today claims that replacing Heathrow with a new hub airport would leave passengers, taxpayers and business worse off. It says a third London airport runway is essential if capacity is to be increased.

The study will be presented as evidence to the Airports Commission and argues against a new airport in the Thames Estuary, Isle of Grain or Stansted.

Earlier we spoke to John Holland-Kay, development Director at Heathrow.

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