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Zac Goldsmith: No political consensus on a 3rd runway

The Conservative MP Zac Goldsmith, an opponent to Heathrow expansion, has been making his views clear on the options of the interim report into the issue:

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Thames Estuary airport options not shortlisted

The Airports commission said it had not shortlisted any of the Thames Estuary options "because there are too many uncertainties and challenges surrounding them at this stage".

It said it would undertake further study of the Isle of Grain option in the first half of 2014 and said it would:

Will reach a view later next year on whether that option offers a credible proposal for consideration alongside the other shortlisted options.

The commission said it had not shortlisted proposals for expansion at Stansted or Birmingham Airports, but it added:

There is likely to be a case for considering them as potential options for any second new runway by 2050.


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New runways considered at Gatwick and Heathrow

The Airports Commissions' independent review into airport capacity in the UK has concluded that there is a need for one additional runway to be up and running in the south east by 2030.

Two of the options that will be studied further will be at Heathrow airport. Credit: Reuters

The commission found that there is likely to be a demand case for a second additional runway to be operational by 2050.

Read: Airports Commission: New runway needed by 2030

The Commission said it will now investigate further feasibility studies to look into proposals for new runways in two locations - at Heathrow and Gatwick.

At Gatwick, the group will study the airport's proposals for a new runway to the south of the existing runway.

At Heathrow, two options are on the table: the existing plan for one new 3,500m runway to the northwest, and a new proposals from Heathrow Hub to extend the existing northern runway to at least 6,000m, enabling the the extended runway to operate as two independent runways.

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'Boris Island' airport now seeming unlikely

Head of the Airports Commission Howard Davies said the Thames estuary idea, presented by the Mayor of London Boris Johnson, would be considered separately.


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Businesses say third Heathrow runway 'vital' to economy

The poor state of Britain's airports are frequently mentioned by businesses, Colin Stanbridge said. Credit: DaybreakITV

Extra airport capacity in the South East is "vital" to the British economy, the London Chambers of Commerce chief executive told Daybreak.

Colin Stanbridge said foreign companies frequently complained about the state of British airports, so much so they were put off investing in the UK:

"We try and get companies to come and invest in London and improve the economy of London. One of the drawbacks of that is, you talk to them and they say, 'yeah but the airports aren't very good.'"

He added links to China could not meet demand because "we haven't got the slots at Heathrow to be able to join up with them."

Proposals for future of British airports to be revealed

An interim report from the body tasked with considering the future of UK's airport capacity needs is to be published later this morning.

The findings from the Davies Commission, chaired by former LSE director Howard Davies, will be published on the Commission's website at 7am this morning.

The construction of a third and fourth runway at Heathrow has been suggested as one possible option for airport expansion, as well as the possibility of an airport at the Thames Estuary.

To view the Interim Report, please go to:

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Gatwick airport second runway case encouraged

Gatwick airport should be encouraged to build a "robust business case" for a second runway at the West Sussex airport, the transport select committee has said.

They also recommended further expansions to Heathrow airport.

Speaking ahead of the Davies Commission interim report, committee chairwoman Louise Ellman said:

Gatwick airport should develop a robust business case for their vision of a second runway

The (committee's) inquiry found very clearly that Heathrow - the UK's only hub airport - has been short of capacity for a decade, is currently operating at full capacity and needs a third runway.

We also suggested that a four-runway proposal for Heathrow might have merit, especially if locating these westwards from the current site could curb the noise experienced by communities under the flight path.

– Labour MP Louise Ellman
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