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Home Office response to our asylum story

"All claims for asylum are considered carefully. In fact fewer claims from women are refused at the first stage than those of men.

Where we and the courts find that an individual has no need of our protection we expect them to return home - no failed asylum seeker would face destitution if they comply with our laws."

– Home Office

This is the response to our report on ITV London tonight, hearing the voices of asylum seekers in the capital, ahead of an inquiry beginning next month.

To watch Ria Chatterjee's report, click here

Life of women seeking asylum in London, full report

London has a long and proud reputation as a haven for people fleeing oppression and violence in their own countries, but what happens when those people once they get here?

A powerful committee of MPs will hold an inquiry on asylum next month.

Ahead of that, our reporter Ria Chatterjee has been hearing from women who claim their suffering has not ended just because they have reached London.