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Crashed aircraft was 'two miles short of its destination'

The single-engine aircraft made the dramatic crash landing in a back garden in Cheltenham, Gloucestershire on June 6. The plane's parachute deployed and the pilot was uninjured.

. Credit: PA Wire

The aircraft was heading from Denham Aerodrome in Buckinghamshire to Gloucestershire airport. It crashed in Up Hatherley, about two miles short of its destination.

. Credit: PA Wire


London pilot was 'confused and distracted' before crash

A London pilot who crashed into the back garden of a house in Cheltenham earlier this year was "confused" and "distracted", according to an official report.

The single-engine plane aftrer a dramatic crash landing in a back garden in Cheltenham Credit: Press Association

The Air Accidents Investigation Branch report said:

"After approximately 18 seconds, the pilot again disconnected the autopilot but the aircraft was displaced left of the approach centreline.

"By this stage, the pilot was confused and distracted by the unexpected aircraft behaviour and, in his attempts to regain the approach path, he started over-controlling in roll and then in pitch."

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Noise could affect 12,000 people

Option 1 being proposed by the airport - dependent segregated mode Credit: Gatwick Airport

Controversial plans for a second runway at Gatwick have today been formally proposed by the airport sparking anger in villages in the surrounding area. Gatwick says it could be built for around £9bn and open by 2025. Three options have been put forward.

Local people have campaigned for years against further expansion on the grounds of noise. But local business say it would be a massive boost for the local economy and jobs.

Option 2 being proposed by the airport - independent segregated mode Credit: Gatwick Airport

It has also emerged many thousands more people would suffer noise. The airport say today around 3,300 suffer and that is set to rise to hit almost 12,000 local people. Passenger numbers could rise from 34 million today to 87 million in the 2040s.

And finally... the third option, independent mixed mode Credit: Gatwick Airport
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How a second runway might look

Credit: Gatwick Airport

Gatwick Airport has released an artist's impression of how a second runway at the site might look.

The airport has submitted a proposal for a second runway – positioned to the south of the current site to the Airports Commission.

It said it had provided "a robust and compelling case" for why the next runway should be built there, and added, it is the "most affordable, sustainable and deliverable solution for London and for the UK".


Residents of three borough's vote overwhelming against Heathrow expansion

People living in three boroughs have voted overwhelmingly against expanding Heathrow.

The majority of residents of Hillingdon, Hounslow and Richmond-upon-Thames who took part in a referendum voted against a third runway or more flights at the airport.

A spokesman for Heathrow questioned the size of the turnout in each borough.

Two views on airport expansion

A House of Commons Transport committee report has rejected the Mayor's plans for a new hub airport in the Thames Estuary - saying the public expense would be too great.

MPs also say transport infrastructure wouldn't cope and wildlife habitats would be affected. Instead, it urges the Government to allow expansion at Heathrow with a third, and possibly fourth, runway.

But not everyone's convinced.

John Stewart from the Heathrow Association for the Control of Aircraft Noise and Louise Ellman from the Commons Transport Select Committee.

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