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Heathrow boss: plan is 'good value for money'

"Heathrow is the UK's only hub airport and a strategically important national infrastructure asset. Heathrow faces stiff competition from other European hubs and we must continue to improve the service we offer passengers and airlines.

"We have invested billions of pounds in new facilities such as Terminal 5 (T5) in recent years and passengers say they have noticed the difference. Our plan for a further £3 billion of private-sector investment will further improve the airport for passengers. The plan represents good value for money for airlines and passengers and comes at no cost to taxpayers."

– Heathrow Chief Executive, Colin Matthews.

Heathrow bosses say previous forecasts were wrong

Heathrow says the charges, which need to be approved by the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA), will help pay for £3 billion of investment, including the opening of the new Terminal 2 next year.

Airport bosses said that errors in previous passenger forecasts meant that Heathrow had lost out on around £650 million of charges over the last five years.

The CAA had based the previous level of charges on estimates that Heathrow would handle 78 million passengers a year by 2013, but the airport is only handling around 70 million.


Year by year: proposed increase in charges

If approved, Heathrow's charges will increase from the equivalent of £19.33 per passenger for 2012/13 to as much as £27.30 in 2018/19.

Year by year breakdown:

2012/2013 - £19.33 per passenger

2013/2014 - £20.78 per passenger

2014/15 - £21.96 per passenger

2015/16 - £23.25 per passenger

2016/17 - £24.50 per passenger

2017/18 - £25.81 per passenger

2018/19 - £27.30 per passenger

Heathrow passengers face rise in ticket prices

Heathrow Airport is planning to increase the fees it charges to airlines. Credit: REUTERS/Luke MacGregor

Passengers using Heathrow face a rise in ticket prices under a £3 billion investment plan proposed today by the airport's bosses.

If regulators approve the five-year plan, it would allow Heathrow to charge airlines higher fees.

That means an increase equivalent to more than £19 per passenger from the end of this year, rising to more than £27 in 2018.

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Airline seeks pilots

easyJet says it needs 330 new pilots for 2013 Credit: Press Association

Luton based airline easyJet is to create 330 new jobs for pilots this year across its 11 UK bases, which include Southend, Luton and Stansted.

The company says it offers a clear career path for pilots with the potential to move from first officer to captain more quickly than other airlines.

Heathrow 'will be overtaken by Dubai'

The head of British Airways' parent company, Willie Walsh, has warned that Heathrow will soon be overtaken by Dubai as the world's biggest international airport.

Speaking to the House of Commons Transport Committee, Mr Walsh said that the Middle Eastern airport had grown massively over the last decade - and could outstrip Heathrow "within two to three years".

In 2001, Dubai was the 99th biggest international airport in the world. By 2001 it was in 13th position and by 2011 it was fourth, he said.


Boris: 'Country needs a strong hub airport'

The Mayor agrees with the authors of this report that London and the country need a strong hub airport, capable of meeting our need for international connectivity now and well into the future.

It is the only way to preserve hundreds of thousands of jobs, but it cannot be at Heathrow as the site is too constrained and the effects on the lives of west Londoners would be devastating.

Even with a new hub airport to the east of the capital Heathrow will not need to close. It will not be our main hub but it will have a bright future as a smaller airport serving the local needs of its catchment area, for both passenger traffic and freight.

A much bigger threat to the economy of west London is the gradual loss of our hub airport capacity to continental rivals as a result of the continuing delay in progressing the new hub airport we need.

– A spokesperson for the Mayor of London
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