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First patients treated at new state-of-the-art heart centre

A new state-of-the-art cardiac facility at Barts Hospital in the City of London is set to welcome its first outpatients.

The facility, which will be part of the new Barts Heart Centre, will start receiving outpatients for cardiac MRI scans from today. The unit will have three dedicated cardiac MRI scanners and will be one of the largest facilities of its kind in Europe.

Cardiac MRI uses radio waves and powerful magnets to create still and moving images of the heart. It is used to assess how well the heart is pumping, look for any type of scarring or damage to the heart muscle and also make sure that the arteries that supply blood to the heart are not severely narrowed or blocked.

Barts Heart Centre will start to welcome both outpatients and inpatients in Spring 2015.


Hospital's 'systematic catalogue of failings'

Dirty, unsafe, and failing to protect patients. The damning verdict on a London hospital ordered by inspectors to make urgent changes.

Whipps Cross in Leytonstone failed to meet the basic standards for quality and safety. In the worst cases, filthy maternity wards and uncaring staff exposed mothers and babies to the risk of infection. Ria Chatterjee reports.

'It's very worrying,' says Care Quality Commission

Whipps Cross University Hospital has been accused of failing to protect the safety and welfare of patients.

An inspection by the Care Quality Commission found "serious shortfalls" at the hospital - including filthy maternity wards and uncaring staff.

Ria Chatterjee has sent us this report from Leytonstone, after speaking with the CQC's Matthew Trainer.

Whipps Cross Hospital "a cattle market"


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CQC: Care to mothers at Whipps Cross 'not safe'

A report into the care provided by Whipps Cross University Hospital is very critical of care provided to women on maternity and post natal units.

It said that staff did not follow some basic hygiene regimes such as washing their hands, and that babies ended up in intensive care because midwives didn't carry out basic checks.

We saw a woman in a blood-stained gown and bed. About 10 minutes later we saw the same woman crying in the corridor. The midwife on duty asked the woman 'Why are you crying?' The woman replied 'I am in pain'.

'Pain!' the midwife repeated in a sarcastic manner. The midwife got some medication and handed her a white pot which contained tablets without telling the woman what the tablets were.

We observed the same midwife bringing the wrong formula milk to the mother. When asked by the woman, the midwife did not accept she had brought the wrong milk and refused to offer the correct alternative.

– CQC inspectors who visited Whipps Cross University Hospital
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Hospital trust: 'We are extremely sorry for the failings'

Barts Health is committed to ensuring the safety and welfare of every one of our patients and we are extremely sorry for the failings in some of our services at Whipps Cross Hospital.

We have taken immediate action to rectify the failures to ensure we meet standards across the hospital at all times.

– Barts Health NHS Trust chief executive Peter Morris
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'Serious concerns' over Whipps Cross Hospital care

We have very serious concerns about the care and treatment patients have been receiving at Whipps Cross University Hospital.

The reports we have published today show a systematic catalogue of failings across the departments we looked at during our inspections in May and June.

We found that, in places, the hospital was unsafe and dirty, and that staff didn't always show patients the compassion that people deserve.

– Matthew Trainer, regional director of the Care Quality Commission in London
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