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Kensington and Chelsea Council: 'We don't want a ban on basement development'

We do not argue for a ban on basement development, only for a better balance between them and the amenity of our other residents. If the cumulative impact of scores of schemes that take months and years to complete is to damage the wider quality of life in our borough I believe we have a right to take that into account.

– Cabinet Member for Planning Policy, Cllr Tim Ahern,

Councils to prevent more 'mega basements'

Kensington and Chelsea Council are set to ban basements too large from being built.

They plan to introduce stricter planning rules that could spell the end for 'iceberg house.'

Six weeks of public consultation on the proposed policies got underway today and are designed to introduce a sense of proportionality to basement proposals.

These policies include:

  • A reduction in the extent basements can intrude into the garden, from 85 per cent to 50 per cent, with that 50 per cent being a single area of space.
  • A restriction to a single storey in most cases, with exceptions only being considered for large comprehensive developments.
  • An outright ban on basement developments under, or in the gardens, of listed buildings or where basements already exist, though again exceptions might be considered on very large sites.