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Once Battersea's chimneys are gone 'you won't know the difference'

Battersea Power Station is of exceptional architectural and historical significance and its future is something that English Heritage, along with millions of Londoners, takes very seriously indeed.

The chimney replacement programme is something we have worked on closely with the developers and we're satisfied that this is the correct way forward and that once the chimneys have replaced you really won't know the difference.

– Timothy Jones, Principal Inspector of Historic Buildings and Areas, English Heritage

Battersea's famous chimneys 'recycled as artwork'

The famous chimneys of Battersea Power Station could be recycled as pieces of art after they're demolished.

Steeple Jacks climb up the south west chimney of Battersea Power Station Credit: BPSDC

Work to take down the towers - which are beyond repair - will begin later this month. Once fully dismantled, the chimneys will be rebuilt from the bottom using the same materials as the original.

The towers take approximately five months to dismantle, and about six months to rebuild chimney to its height of approximately 50 metres.

The chimney debris will be funnelled down a chute in the centre of the chimney, collected and recycled. Several different uses for the material are being explored, including reuse as artwork.

Controlled explosion as WW2 bombs are dug up

An army bomb disposal team was called to Battersea today after builders dug up two World War Two bombs. An area around Battersea Church Road was sealed off shortly after 10am. Roads have now reopened.


Power Station development comprises 1200 apartments and 200 room hotel

Southern aspect of the Battersea Power Station development Credit: Frank Gehry/Foster & Partners

In total, Phase 3 will comprise 1200 residential units, a 200 room hotel overlooking both the town square and the Power Station, 350,000 sq. ft. of retail and restaurant space, a 15,000 sq. ft. library and further leisure space.

The development has been designed by two of the world's most famous architects; Frank Gehry and Foster + Partners.

This phase, 3 of 7, will form the epicentre of the entire project; two residential development zones located either side of the High Street.

An aerial view of the development Credit: Frank Gehry/Foster & Partners

Both architectural practices are collaborating on the High Street; Gehry Partners is designing the residential buildings to the east of the High Street, with Foster + Partners designing the residential buildings to the west.

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