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Bluewater shopper returns to find car wrapped in tape

One shopper at Bluewater in Kent was left stunned after returning from a shopping trip to find their car wrapped up and covered in tape.

The car war left in a covered car park in a reserved bay on Monday. Do you know who's behind the stunt or why it was wrapped up? Tweet us @itvlondon.



Daley mobbed by fans in Greenhithe

Olymic medallist Tom Daley has been mobbed by fans at a book signing in Greenhithe. Credit: Anthony Devlin/PA Wire

Thousands of Tom Daly fans are being turned away from a book signing in Greenhithe in Kent because of excess numbers.

People began queueing outside Waterstone's at the Bluewater shopping centre at 1am this morning. One family has travelled from Cheshire to see him.

Even people who arrived up to four hours in advance have been told that they won't get in to see the diving star.

Organisers say they have been taken aback by the level of interest.