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Mayor hints at referendum over closing Heathrow


City Hall hints at a possible referendum over closing Heathrow as @mayoroflondon meets Denver's mayor. @itvlondon


Denver used a referendum in its battle to replace Stapleton Airport with the new DIA in the 1990s. @itvlondon

Mayor sets out options for Heathrow redevelopment.


Mayor of Denver successfully relocated US airport

Mayor of Denver Michael B Hancock will be discussing airport relocation with Mayor Boris Johnson today Credit: Reuters

Officials from Denver will tell the Mayor today how he managed to successfully relocate Stapleton International Airport in 1989.

Despite a law suit against the city brought by local residents incensed by aircraft noise pollution, and opposition from major airlines who claimed demand for a new airport was non-existent, they successfully relocated the airport to a new site outside the city with room for 12 runways.

The team from Denver are also expected to meet with officials from the Davies Commission, who are considering where best to locate new aviation capacity in the southeast.

Mayor remains optimistic about estuary airport


Mayor says he is "always optimistic" the airports' commission will eventually back an estuary airport. @itvlondon


Mayor says the estuary airport has not been ruled out after the idea "was plucked from the waste paper bin" @itvlondon


Boris Johnson says he will "fight on" even if the Airports Commission backs Heathrow expansion. @itvlondon

Additional analysis needed on Estuary airport proposals

The challenges remain, but the potential benefits, especially in relation to noise and regeneration, appear stronger than for other new hub sites.

We have therefore stated that we will carry out additional analysis of these options, looking not just at the proposal from the Mayor but also those from private sector promoters, to properly understand some of the implications of a new hub airport at those sites.

– Sir Howard Davies, Airports Commission

Airports Commission boss sees benefits in Estuary scheme

The Thames Estuary Credit: Steve Parsons/PA Archive

The head of the Whitehall-appointed Airports Commission has indicated that the idea of a "Boris Island" new Thames Estuary airport is still very much under consideration.

Last December, the commission chairman Sir Howard Davies described the estuary plan, supported by London Mayor Boris Johnson, as "imaginative" with the cost possibly as high as £112 billion.

The estuary option did not make the commission's new-runway shortlist published in December, although the commission said it would further study the estuary plan.

But in an interview with the Business Travel News publication due out on Monday, Sir Howard speaks of the possible benefits of an estuary scheme.


Mayor defends 'Boris Island' idea

Boris Johnson has defended his idea of building an island in the Thames Estuary, saying that a third runway at Heathrow would be "obsolete" by the time it was built.

He added that today's report made plain that advocates of this solution were effectively calling for a four-runway Heathrow, which he said would be "environmentally and politically undeliverable".


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