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My sex appeal will not win election for Tories, says Johnson

Boris Johnson, speaking in North West London this morning Credit: Lauren Hurley/PA Wire

Boris Johnson has insisted his sex appeal will not prove pivotal in swinging the election in the Tories' favour.

Speaking to party supporters and workers at Lynch Plant Hire & Haulage in Stanmore, north west London, he was told that a survey had found he was the politician most married women would like a fling with - and asked if he would use this tactic to woo voters.

To laughter among the audience, he replied: "I don't think it's going to be the fulcrum on which this election is going to turn."


Boris Johnson third most influential political figure

London Mayor Boris Johnson Credit: PA

Boris Johnson has been ranked third in a list of the most influential political figures following research by the advertising agency Telegraph Hill. It measured online activity, appearances in traditional media such as newspapers and television and reputation.

The London Mayor was behind comedian Russell Brand in second place and Prime Minister David Cameron in first.

Chris Moon, the head of insights and analytics at Telegraph Hill said: "This analysis doesn't just show the people with the most Twitter followers: it looks at who's talking about political issues and has the platforms to make themselves heard."


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