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London Mayor launches new city Living Wage

The Mayor of London will be stepping behind the coffee counter today as part of his launch of a new rate for the London Living Wage.

Boris Johnson will be marking the beginning of Living Wage week at the first coffee shop in the city to commit to paying the increased wage.

Boris Johnson will announce the new living wage rate this morning Credit: PA

The London Living Wage is calculated on an hourly rate based on the combination of the cost of living in the city and 60 percent of the median wage.


Former Olympics minister backs London smoking ban

Former Olympics minister Dame Tessa Jowell today called on Boris Johnson to introduce a smoking ban in London's parks.

Boris Johnson and Dame Tessa Jowell Credit: PA

Dame Tessa is regarded as a potential Labour candidate for City Hall in 2016.

A new report has urged to make parks and open spaces like Trafalgar Square smoke-free zones.

But Johnson appeared hesitant, saying there needed to be clear evidence it would save lives.

The Mayor must adopt Lord Darzi’s proposals for smoke free parks in full. We need to make the healthier choice the easier choice for Londoners. The Mayor has a proposal sitting at his feet which could mark the start of a serious public health crusade in the next decade in London.

As Lord Darzi’s report states, every week two classrooms of London children take up smoking. Every year, 8,400 Londoners die from smoking – the number one cause of preventable deaths in our capital city. He must seize this opportunity to build a coalition of support across our city to tackle London's shocking health inequalities.

It is also crucial that the Mayor accelerates his plans to improve air quality, every year over 4,000 Londoners die prematurely due to poor air pollution. He has less than two years left as Mayor, but it is not too late for him to leave a legacy of public health improvement for our great city.

– Dame Tessa Jowell

Your views: Should smoking be banned in public places?

Boris Johnson is under pressure to ban smoking in ALL London parks. Smoke free zones could also be created at landmark open spaces like Trafalgar Square.

Would you back a ban? Is this a fair way to try and improve public health? Or would it be a step too far and an infringement of your civil liberties? Let us know.

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Tanja Günther Ridiculous! As a smoker, I'm more than okay not to smoke in a pub etc and at a station, but banning it from open spaces?!?! Ridiculous!

Jill Franks I'm a non smoker but this is just stupid!!!! Leave people that smoke alone, it's their choice! Ban smoking.... Make it illegal but I tell you one thing..... Without the tax people pay on the fags the NHS really will crumble!!

Li Li Lou Stevens Turning in to a nanny state cant beleave how ridiculous this country is now.

Andrew Jarman Ideally cigarettes (and cigars, etc) should be phased out altogether. They contribute nothing to society apart from causing cancer and smoking related heart diseases. As a minimum tobacco companies should be prohibited from adding anything that increases the addictiveness of smoking and pricing points made to such a level that it naturally dies out. Bans don't work that just makes it attractive to criminal gangs much as it has done with cocaine and heroin.

Josephine Boorman Ridiculous! as a non-smoker I believe that it's not going to hurt me at all if someone smokes a cigarette outside! provided they're not actually blowing the smoke in my face of course.Too much nanny state in not a good thing.Smokers have rights too you know!

Gaz Diggens As a non smoker, I do think that this idea is madness.People who want to smoke in a park, should do.When I have been in a park & people are smoking it has never bothered me. PC gone nuts.

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