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Nine arrested after fight in high street

Credit: @AlbertoNardelli/Twitter

Nine people have been arrested following reports of a large fight in Borough High Street.

Police in Southwark were called shortly after 3.30am today and found a group of men fighting.

London Ambulance Service crews also attended. Nine people are being treated across various south London hospitals as a result of injuries sustained during the incident. None of the injuries are understood to be life-threatening.

Nine people have been arrested and police in Southwark are continuing to investigate.

Police praise Good Samaritans who disarmed bank robber

Police today paid tribute to a collective of good Samaritans who helped apprehend an armed robber in July last year.

They praised those who intervened, after Al-Fodday Fofanah, 30, was jailed for nine and a half years for attempted robbery while out on day release from prison.

A police officer, a trainee ambulance driver, two roofers, two security officers, a bank manager and an ice cream vendor followed him down Borough High St after he pointed as gun at a cashier.

On 25th July last year Fofanah joined the Barclays bank queue, concealing his face with a sheet of paper.

Al-Fodday Fofanah, 30, was jailed for nine and a half years for attempted robbery and other offences. Credit: Metropolitan Police

When he reached the front of the queue, Fofanah pulled a stocking over his face and aimed an assault rifle at the cashier and demanded money.

The cashier dived behind the counter as Fofanah waved the weapon at the other staff. When Fofanah realised no money was forthcoming, he left the bank quickly.

Commander Adrian Hanstock. an off-duty officer from the Safer Transport Command had just left the bank, was confronted with the fleeing suspect.

Hanstock, along with the bank's assistant manager Dean Smith and Michael Duncan - a trainee ambulance driver, followed the suspect down the high street.

Other men joined in and Fofanah was eventually disarmed and held on the ground until police arrived on the scene to arrest him.

Detective chief inspector Paul Johnson said: "Fofanah will now serve a significant sentence for causing fear and panic to those who worked or had visited the bank.

"A number of people assisted with detaining Fofanah following the attempted armed robbery and without their help there is every possibility that he may have got away."I would like to thank the members of the public who demonstrated an enormous amount of bravery in confronting Fofanah."

He was sentenced at Woolwich Crown Court yesterday after pleading guilty at an earlier hearing to two counts of attempted armed robbery and two counts of possession of an imitation firearm

A week earlier Fofanah had also attempted to rob a branch of Santander Bank.

The team of helpers were all recommended for a Commissioner's Commendation and received their certificates during a ceremony at New Scotland Yard in January.


Three new arrests in 'mistaken identity' stabbing

Three more men have been arrested after a father of one was fatally stabbed outside a pub in Borough - with police believing the incident was a case of mistaken identity.

Christopher Foster was murdered in a case of mistaken identity Credit: Metropolitan Police

Father of one Christopher Foster was attacked by a hooded gang as he smoked a cigarette with a friend late in the evening on Friday November 26th.

Scotland Yard said three men aged 25, 29 and 33 were arrested today and remain in custody at a south London police station.

Man arrested over 'mistaken identity' murder

Christopher Foster was stabbed outside a London pub. Credit: Met Police

Detectives investigating the murder of a single father outside a London pub have made a second arrest.

Christopher Foster was stabbed outside St Christopher's Inn on Borough High Street last Friday. Witnesses say he was attacked by a gang who were brandishing baseball bats and at least one knife.

Officers believe the offenders targeted the wrong man.

A 30-year-old man has been arrested on suspicion of murder and has been taken into custody at a south London police station. It comes after a woman was arrested and bailed on Sunday on suspicion of assisting an offender.

'Innocent man' stabbed in case of 'mistaken identity'

Police say Christopher Foster, who was fatally stabbed outside a pub in Borough High Street on Friday, is believed to have been a victim of mistaken identity.

I think they were looking for someone. Chris was an innocent man. There was no reason for him to have been attacked. He was a working guy out with his mates having a beer. I need to find some witnesses who have seen this group in Borough High Street or the alleyways that run off it, before the incident, or afterwards, when five of them ran off down Mermaid Court."

– Detective Chief Inspector John Sandlin, Metropolitan Police


'Hoodies' sought over Southwark stabbing

A gang of "hoodies" is being hunted by police after a man was fatally stabbed outside a pub in Borough High Street. Victim Christopher Foster had a young daughter.

The 35-year-old is thought to have been having a cigarette outside St Christopher's Inn moments before he was stabbed.

Witnesses say they saw seven suspects wearing hooded clothing carrying baseball bats and at least one knife. Anyone with information should call the incident room on 020 8345 3865, or Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.