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Brian Paddick introduced to House of Lords

Liberal Democrat and former Deputy Assistant Police Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police is introduced to the House of Lords today.

He'll take the title Baron Paddick of Brixton for the Borough of Lambeth.

Brian Paddick will become Baron Paddick of Brixton

Lord Paddick was a police officer for 30 years until he left the force in May 2007.

He later stood as the Liberal Democrat candidate for the Mayor or London in 2008 and 2012.


Boris: Ken's comments are 'deeply offensive'

Boris Johnson. Credit: Reuters

The Conservative camp have been quick to agree with Brian Paddick's comments about Ken Livingstone. A spokesperson for Boris Johnson said:

"Ken Livingstone only knows one type of politics - the politics of division.

"His deeply offensive attacks on Jewish people, bankers and political opponents are deliberate political calculations to attempt to gain more votes in one area, than he thinks he will lose in another.

"In contrast Boris Johnson is a Mayor for all Londoners. He treats all Londoners equally. Putting 1,000 more police on the street makes Londoners safer for all."

Paddick: "Ken should be ashamed"

Brian Paddick, the Lib Dem mayoral candidate, has launched an angry attack on Ken Livingstone. In a speech in Canary Wharf, Mr Paddick said his Labour opponent should be "ashamed" after the former mayor was reported to have made controversial comments about homosexuality and the Jewish community.

Mr Livingstone has said the homosexuality remark was actually a compliment and denied making the comment about the Jewish community.