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Could Britain's skinniest home be in East London?

The 'house' popped up around a month ago

Could Britain's skinniest home be in East London? It is barely two metres wide and has been built in between two houses in Leyton, where a garage used to stand.

The make-shift house fronted with plywood is half the size of its neighbours.

Neighbour Desmond Douglas called it 'rough and ready' saying if the owners would finish it off there wouldn't be a problem'. Others who live nearby claim they have seen inside and it has two bedrooms.

The house is fronted with ply wood and is said to have two bedrooms

But the council are questioning whether the structure has planning permission. People who live on the street say it sat empty for years as an unused shed but was transformed into a house around a month ago.

The council say they have served a temporary stop notice on anymore work being done aiming to turn that into a permanent notice before applying to tear the place down.