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Mission to recover Spitfires buried in Burma

A London archaeologist is part of the excavation team which left Heathrow today to retrieve the aircrafts.

It's believed 36 planes were buried at the end of the Second World War because it was too expensive to ship them back to Britain.

Andy Brockman from Shooters Hill, who is the lead archaeologist on the project, said: "It is probably one of the most unusual and intriguing projects that I've ever been involved with. It's a fascinating mystery."


Tribute to Japanese prisoners of war

A permanent monument has been unveiled in memory of Japanese prisoners of war. This is a long-awaited tribute to them. The capital's newest war memorial was unveiled in north London. It commemorates the suffering of British prisoners held by the Japanese during the Second World War.

Many died as they were forced to build a railway across Burma. Former POWs were on hand to see new the memorial on Camden High Street. Julie MacDonald went to meet the stars.