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King College Hospital pay tribute to 'dear and respected college' who died in lorry crash

Kings College Hospital have paid tribute to the 32 year old cyclist who died yesterday, who worked at the hospital as senior physiotherapist.

Esther Hartsilver was treated at the hospital yesterday after colliding with a lorry on Denmark Hill, but later died.

“We have lost a dear and respected colleague. The thoughts of everyone at King’s are with Esther’s family.”

– King College Hospital spokesperson

Cyclist who died in Denmark Hill collision named

A cyclist who died in a collision with a lorry in Denmark Hill yesterday has been named as 32 year old Esther Hartsilver.

Esther Hartsilver died after colliding with a lorry Credit: Metropolitan Police

Police say she was found in a critical condition after the accident yesterday morning. She was rushed to hospital but died from her injuries that evening.

The driver stopped at the scene and no one has been arrested. Police are continuing to investigate what happened.

Camberwell teenager 'wanted to fight in Syria'

A 19-year-old from Camberwell has appeared in court after allegedly saying he wanted to go and fight with Islamic State forces in Syria. Brustchom Ziamani was arrested near his home on the Samuel Lewis Trust estate on Tuesday. The court heard that when police searched his computer they found incriminating material on three computer discs.


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Harman: I have fought for 30 years against these people

"I have been in public life for 30 years and all of those years have been about protecting the vulnerable, protecting women and children," Harriet Harman insisted today.

"That's why I find it so unfair and offensive that the Daily Mail should put smear and innuendo on me as if somehow I supported those people that all my public life I've been fighting against.

"I think they are wrong to be doing that and that's why I'm speaking out."

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Harman 'won't take decency lessons from Daily Mail'

Labour deputy leader Harriet Harman hit out at the Daily Mail newspaper today, after they attempted to "smear" her "by way of guilt of association" over the affiliation between a group she worked with in the 1970s and their links to a paedophile rights group. Writing on Twitter, she said:

When it comes to decency and sexualisation of children, would you take lessons from the Daily Mail?

The Camberwell and Peckham MP posted a picture of a Daily Mail article based around pictures of teen television personality Courtney Stodden photographed in her bikini as a 12-year-old child.

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Harman's regret over NCCL's paedophile group affiliation

Harriet Harman has expressed "regret" over the links between a 1970s paedophile rights campaign and the civil rights organisation for which she once worked.

In a fresh statement this morning, a spokeswoman for Ms Harman said:

She regrets the existence of PIE and she regrets their involvement with NCCL before she joined, although it was immaterial to her work.

She stands by the statement from yesterday and she is certainly not going to apologise to the Daily Mail.

– Harriet Harman spokeswoman
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